Our wonderful Debutantes (girls, ages 10-15) are the reason why we exist. Here are some of the great things that Debutantes, Parents/Caregivers, Donors/Sponsors, Community Leaders, and Collaborative Partners have said about us:

Why did I join The Black Girls’ Corner, Inc.™?

“I joined TBGC because I like being around other girls my age.”
***Debutante Dekayla

“There weren’t many other activities for me to do; I had just moved here to Charlotte. I am originally from Georgia, and have moved here to North Carolina to stay with my father. While in the first semester of school, I didn’t have anything to do or spend my weekends on. I would spend time with my father, but he was usually busy or watching football. One day, my father’s second cousin (my Aunt Krystal), asked me if I wanted to come with her and Jai’a to The Black Girls’ Corner, Inc.™ at the Recreation Center. The next Saturday, she came to pick me up.”
***Debutante Jasmine

“The reason why I chose to be in The Black Girls’ Corner, Inc.™ is because I am an only child, and I thought that this was a good way to get together with girls my age. I think being a part of TBGC means that I can discuss what I am going through in middle school, being preteen; and since I am an only child, I thought that this was a good way to express myself and learn life lessons that will prepare me for becoming the best young lady I can be.”
***Debutante Mohrgan

“The reason I joined The Black Girls’ Corner, Inc.™ is because it’s a great thing to experience and I learn some things that I never knew. This place is fun and you can meet a lot of people (friends).
TBGC is not just a place to go on Saturdays; it is a place where you can have a great time and be yourself. TBGC is an AWESOME Place! I am a part of TBGC and I will always keep this place in my heart.”
***Debutante Jai’a

“The reason I joined The Black Girls’ Corner, Inc.™, was because I needed a group of females who could help me out a lot for my own personal reasons. I also joined this group to know more about young African-American girls and their struggles they had to face in order to survive. I also joined this group to help me to know that I need a lot of help being successful! I think that everyone should have the opportunity to accomplish all of their goals in life. I also think that people in communities should be anything they want as long as it’s positive.”
***Debutante Brittany

“I joined The Black Girls’ Corner, Inc.™ because I wanted to be empowered by strong African-American women. I also joined TBGC because I needed to learn more about young African-American female leaders in our communities nowadays. This was only my second time here and I actually enjoyed learning new things that I never knew before. It was very interesting to see that African-American women are teaching our young future leaders of society, what it means to be true, strong African-Americans. The Black Girls’ Corner, Inc.™ is a very inspirational program to help inspire young African-American girls to be courageous and strong; and more importantly, to be leaders.”
***Debutante Danielle

What do I like about The Black Girls’ Corner, Inc.™?

“What I appreciate most about TBGC is that we discuss things that are important to me; things that I experience on a daily basis.”
***Debutante Dekayla

“I like that it is a unique group that discusses how being a Black female means that you are unique and beautiful.”
***Debutante Jasmine

“During Black History Month, it was a good way to learn more about where us Black women came from. I like TBGC because we do very fun activities and I think they are interesting because we are learning more about being proud of who we are and not worrying about what other people think. Another thing I like about TBGC is that I get to meet girls that I may not be familiar with and learn more about them.”
***Debutante Mohrgan

“I don’t like TBGC… I love it, because we do a lot of fun stuff like role-play, we play games, and we do things such as a car wash and one time, we did a beauty program.
TBGC is a great place to be. It’s fun and as many times as I’ve been there, I’ve met over 15 friends and they feel like sisters. I can express myself there and I can be who I am.”
***Debutante Jai’a

“What I like about TBGC is that, I like being able to be taught. I love group activities. I love this group because I want to be able to make new friends and people happier about their lives and choices. I want to be a part of this group because I want to be able to encourage others to make obstacles turn into dreams and opportunities. I also want to stay in this group because I want a place to go to enjoy learning more about African-American teens and women.”
***Debutante Brittany

“I like that we are taught how to act like young ladies. I also like TBGC because I get to be myself and learn how to interact with other ladies. I like TBGC because it helps me find things to do to stay out of trouble. The Black Girls’ Corner, Inc.™ is a big encouragement and opportunity to learn how to open up to people.”
***Debutante Danielle


“I can truly say that TBGC has had a major impact on my daughter’s success thus far.  Anyone looking for an outlet to assist with character building, self-confidence, motivation and community service; look no further, you will have all your needs met.”
-Toni Coston, Mother of one Debutante (Amari)[now a high school graduate],
Former TBGC Board Member – 2012 to 2013

“I did ask the girls how they have benefited from the sessions and both said:
The Black Girls’ Corner™ have them to gain a sense of who they are. They both have learned not to follow crowds and groups that they will not benefit from. They have learned to speak confidently in groups and have begun to break out of their shyness. One last thing, the sessions has taught both girls how to look deep within themselves to find their gifts and talents.
As a parent, participating in “The Black Girls’ Corner™” allowed me to spend quality time with other mothers with girls of the same ages; and to share common ground and knowledge when it comes to rearing teenage girls in the society where they have fallen vulnerable to texting and internet communications.”
-Phyllis Dunham, Mother of two TBGC Founding Debutantes (Jair [now a high school graduate] and Seraiah)

“The Black Girls’ Corner™ has been a tremendous blessing to my life, as well as the life of one of its founder members, my daughter, Alon C. Watson. Joining TBGC has connected my daughter and I with extremely positive, caring, professional phenomenal women and men (through workshops and networking events) and I have always walked away with a smile on my face and joy embedded deep in my heart. TBGC is not just The Black Girls’ Corner™, it’s also The Blessed Girls’ Corner™ (to me)!!”
-Sharlata Marlin, Mother of one TBGC Founding Debutante (Alon)[now a high school graduate]

“THANK YOU! If you have ever questioned your calling or wondered how God was gonna do it, STOP!!!! My daughters have never been as excited about ANYTHING as they are about the Black Girls’ Corner! I don’t know much since, “What goes on in the Black Girls’ Corner™ STAYS in the Black Girls’ Corner™”, but I do know that they are excited about being a part of… This morning Mikayla stood behind me in the mirror and said, “Mom, I’m beautiful, I’m smart, and I’m VERY talented” I said, “Yes, baby I know, did you just figure that out”, she said, “Well, kinda… I just learned a lot at the Black Girls’ Corner™ yesterday!” Then… Suniece bolts downstairs this afternoon with her netbook in her hand and says, “Mommy look!” And I read your note to her. She passed it to her daddy and we all high-fived!
You, my dear, are bringing something out of my babies and I am grateful! Continue to allow God to grow your vision… And anticipate GREATER things! Love ya Lady… Carm
PS-Sundi is passing the torch….See you at the next meeting!”
-Carmalita A. Longino-Sims, Mother of two TBGC Founding Debutantes(Mikayla [now a high school graduate] and Suniece)

“I have seen clearly defined maturity and responsibility in my daughter, Debutante Sadiya, who has been a member of The Black Girls’ Corner, Inc.™ since 2012. She has become an advocate for bullying and domestic violence, recognizes warning signs of them, and is prepared to be empathetic to others who have been bullied or victimized; she knows how to address these societal ills with victims or bullies/abusers (even if SHE is or becomes the TARGETED victim).”
-Shimisha Richards, Mother of one Debutante (Sadiya), Current Board Member – 2013 to present


“Vickie’s organization, The Black Girls’ Corner™, is making a positive impact in the Charlotte community. I had the opportunity to speak to the girls as a RAINN speaker and Vickie’s professionalism was second-to-none. Her agenda challenged the girls to ‘think outside the box’ and I was impressed by the format and their profound responses.”
-Elona Washington, MSM (Former TBGC Board Member – 2015)
Author, Speaker, Marketing professional
LinkedIn Testimonial, February 21, 2012

“Ms. Vickie is a jewel to the young women in our area. The Black Girls’ Corner™ is a bi-weekly mentoring group for young girls and their mothers to come out and express their innermost feelings and thoughts and be in the know on things about themselves and in their community. This group is a powerful self-esteem builder and exemplifies character building for the young ladies she encounters.”
-DeVondia Roseborough
Author, Certified Master Life Coach, Non-profit Business Owner, Book Coach & Publisher
LinkedIn Testimonial, July 30, 2011

“I had the honor of being a guest speaker at the Black Girls’ Corner™ this weekend and loved it. I went into the group with the expectation of just teaching her young ladies about the importance of choices and consequences and was amazed at the number of supportive mothers who were in attendance.
The Black Girls’ Corner™ bi-weekly brings mothers and daughters from different backgrounds and upbringings together to an open discussion which closes economic and generational gaps that sometimes separates us as females. The meetings are empowering, encouraging, and thought-provoking and you leave feeling like you are part of a new sisterhood. I must say Ms. Hughes’s creation is needed in our community and she is truly one of Mecklenburg County’s unsung heroes. Thank You.”
-Neet Childs
Owner – Neet’s Sweets Inc., Founder – Market Your Mind Services
LinkedIn Testimonial, July 24, 2011

“Vickie is passionate about the proper molding of young girls into ladies. She values her work and it shows through the ‘Debutantes’ (as she likes to call the young ladies) and the way they express themselves in her space.”
-Katherine Waddell (Former TBGC Board Member – 2013)
Consultant/Business, Media, & Interview Coach
LinkedIn Testimonial, May 2, 2011

How would you describe The Black Girls’ Corner, Inc.™?

“An authentic and real organization with cutting edge and honest curriculum and programming that helps Black female youth navigate the complexities of being young, Black, and female in the 21st century.”
-Pamela Benson Owens

“A space for honest, real dialogue and support.”
-Jack Lanier

“There’s a space in this world carved out just for or especially for Black girls.”
-Harriet White

“An organization that appeals to Black girls. The organization uplifts young Black girls and empowers them.”
-Nicole Spruill (Former TBGC Board Officer)

“Transformation and direction for young Black girls.”
-Colin Pinkney

“Empowering young Black girls and teaching them the essential skills in life such as leadership, public speaking, entrepreneurship, and much more. A place where we can come together, share our experiences, and equip our youth for their futures.”
-Kiara Cole (Former TBGC Intern Mentor)

“A safe haven to be honest.”
-Adrienne Thomas Frazier

“An organization that serves as a mentoring and development program for girls. It allows them the opportunity to grow and feel comfortable in their own skin and provides resources for the young ladies to be successful and have limitless dreams of who they can become. While the organization may be open to all races, it boldly states to me that my priority is to help those that look similarly like me.”
-Shimisha Richards (TBGC Mother of one Debutante, Current TBGC Board Member)