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(pictured above, Original TBGC Founding Debutantes and TBGC Founding Debutantes)

The Black Girls’ Corner, Inc.™, aka “TBGC”, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to educating, empowering, and enhancing the lives of girls and women of color. TBGC, headquartered in Charlotte, NC, was founded in June 2010; we began our group mentoring effort (for young girls, ages 10-15) and parenting support circle with 3 Debutantes, 2 Mothers, a handful of Intern/Volunteer Mentors, and TBGC’s Founder/Executive Director (affectionately called “Miss Vickie”). Immediately, our girls started referring to us as Black Girls’ Corner™ (as it was ORIGINALLY registered), and felt an enormous sense of pride in “their” organization… Nestled in a small Corner of the world, we embraced our very original name, the brainchild of our Founder (Vickie L. Hughes, J.D.). Our Corner could be anywhere because it is not a specific place; but rather… A Family/Support System that continues to expand. Initially, we conducted workshops focusing on self-esteem; racial identity; Mother-Daughter bonds; parental support; peer pressure; public speaking; creative arts; and leadership (we’ve expanded our scope of topics as we’ve worked with 300+ young girls in Charlotte and surrounding areas, in the last 6 years). Immediately, during that first Summer, we realized that we’d formed something special… A TBGC Family! Several Community Members/Leaders stepped forward to assist us; offering to serve as one-on-one Volunteer Mentors, facilitate workshops, and donate supplies/funds. “It takes a village to raise a child,” says an African proverb. We had “Our Corner Village™.” We were and still are a sisterhood… A movement!

In The Black Girls Corner, Inc.™, our focus has been on prevention; however, we have had opportunities to help troubled girls turn their lives around. We are known for educating girls and women on societal ills (i.e. sex trafficking, domestic violence); empowering females to be their best selves; exposing our members to outside-the-box thinking (i.e. group projects) and new experiences (i.e. golf lessons); promoting and advocating for social justice (i.e. hosting/co-hosting “Community Chats” and Conferences); giving of our time to community agencies/organizations (i.e. philanthropy/community stewardship); elevating girls and women to live with higher standards; enriching/enhancing the lives of girls and their families (i.e Mother-Daughter bonds); instilling racial pride; embracing diversity and inclusion (i.e. acceptance and admittance of ALL people into our TBGC Family [nondiscriminatory]; regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religious/nonreligious affiliation, and/or disability/handicap); strengthening self-esteem (i.e. public speaking); grooming leaders; preparing girls for their bright futures (i.e. career exploration, entrepreneurship); and aiding in saving lives™.

Updated July 22, 2016

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