*****Stay tuned for new location address, dates, and times of upcoming TBGC sessions.

Program: Our Corner Village™
We are a sisterhood, a movement… We offer a holistic way to groom our young girls into well-prepared/high- functioning young ladies; while enriching the lives of their parents so that they too, exhibit their best selves. In our Village, everybody helps everybody!
(group mentoring, creative arts, public speaking, leadership training, group projects, workshops, community service projects, philanthropic efforts, fieldtrips, events)
***1) TBGC’s Parenting Support Circle™ – We offer parents/caregivers a chance to share with other parents/caregivers; listen to speakers (i.e. library resources to utilize, school choices for youth); participate in workshops/events/community service projects; and engage/share with Debutantes during their activities.
***2) TBGC’s Youth Advisory Council™ – A team of Debutantes serve in leadership positions (Officers), making important decisions contributing to the organization’s success, and serving as liaisons between Debutantes and Staff/Volunteer Staff.


Program: The Village Talks™
We host/co-host community chats and conferences periodically to address societal ills. Advocating for causes addressing mistreatment/violence against girls/women; and fighting for social justice in our Communities, as well as issues (affecting many of us) that we as an organization and family stand for. In recent years, we have addressed domestic violence/teen dating violence; and “police and community” relations.