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THE BLACK GIRLS’ CORNER, INC.TM has been empowering young girls and parents/caregivers since June 2010.

TBGC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that educates, empowers, and enhances the lives of girls of color. We welcome girls, ages 10-15. Parents/caregivers join us regularly as well. Sessions are hosted on a monthly basis. Come prepared to expand your horizons, exercise your mind, showcase your creativity, and stretch your imagination.

(We will resume our monthly sessions in September 2016.)

A poem for our TBGC Debutantes:
“I Am My Reflection™”

I am my reflection…
I am beautiful no matter what you see.
No matter what…
The shape of my nose,
the alertness of my eyes,
the fullness of my lips,
and the curve of my hips,
are who I am.
And I’m comfortable in my own skin.
My life and my femininity did not just begin.

I am my reflection…
You don’t have to tell me
that I’m fine.
I know I am,
because I’m a child of God.
You can love me as I am,
flaws and all.
It’s your call!

I am my reflection…
I am not just my hair or my accessories,
nor my clothes.
Who I am is,
the young lady I have become.
I possess beauty, talent, intelligence, and poise.
Notice my character, my spirit, my personality,
my ambition, my soul…
Bold confidence is my goal!

I am my reflection…
My ancestry helps to define me.
To learn about them tells you boldly,
who I should be.
I stand my own ground,
you see.
I can never go wrong,
because they instilled in me to be strong.

I am my reflection…
My self-worth is not your concern,
because it is mine,
and mine alone to keep.
I am me, myself, and I…
And into my promising future I leap.

I am my reflection…
God carries me through thick and thin,
and He will be present along the way,
as I become the best me I can be.
Follow me through the years,
and you’ll see…

I am my reflection…
And because I love you,
I encourage you to look deep within,
and perhaps you too,
will catch a glimpse in your mirror
of where I’ve been.
I hope that you’ll take this journey with me, because I am my reflection,
and each and every day,
it gives me direction.
© 2015 Vickie L. Hughes, J.D.
Vickie L. Hughes, J.D.VICKIE L. HUGHES, J.D. is the Founder and Executive Director of The Black Girls’ Corner, Inc.TM She has years of experience in community activism, youth empowerment, workshop facilitation, and management.

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